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December 11th, 1PM, Mather’s—More Than a CafĂ©, 3235 N. Central Ave., Chicago Holiday Traditions -- Old and New


To inquire about tours, please contact me or you may find a link in the sidebar to a scheduled tour.

Guest Reviews

May, 2019
5 stars (from Melbourne)

Really informative tour from a local expert! Krista is a great host and I do recommend this especially if you are interested in history, culture and art.

April, 2019
5 stars (from New York)

Krista provides an excellent insight on the history of not only the monuments but the city itself. It is the right balance of historical and fun facts. She provides a perfect amount of information without going too in-depth. If you are looking for a scenic way to learn about Chicago, this is the tour for you.

April, 2019
5 stars(from California)

Krista showcased monuments and the history of Lincoln Park in a fun, engaging way. She shared tons of anecdotes, quotes and insight about how Lincoln Park became an urban refuge in the heart of Chicago. She helped me see the beauty and humanity in the monumental statues scattered around the park. The walk was comfortably paced and just the right length.

April, 2019
5 stars(from Texas)

Wonderful tour journeying unique pieces of Chicago history through the sculptures at Lincoln Park. Definitely recommend for the unique perspective!

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