Krista August

Public Speaker, Historian, Author

Krista August bridges local history and contemporary life with her many presentations based upon meticulous research portrayed through captivating images and lively storytelling. Krista’s books and lectures are popular with private and corporate groups, libraries, historical societies and schools.

"Giants in the Park" was awarded 2011 Book of the Year by the Chicago Writers Association and received 2014 and 2017 Certificates of Excellence from the Illinois State Historical Society. 

Krista formerly worked in finance and as a teacher and holds mathematics and graduate education degrees from Northwestern and DePaul universities, respectively. She is a former guide for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.


Krista is also is an artist. Her fine art study includes coursework at the Palette and Chisel, the Old Town Triangle Association, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Richeson School of Art, and the Peninsula School of Art. 



Big Ideas and the Rise of Chicago    

Over a period of just sixty years, frontier land of sand dunes and swamp was re-imagined into to a modern, cutting-edge metropolis -- which also became the center of the whole world for six months of 1893! Chicago’s total transformation is considered in terms of remarkable ideas that were realized, and in spite of obstacles and setbacks along the way.


Vanished: Monumental Art at the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition

Time travel back to virtually stroll the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and view the monumental sculptures that decorated the buildings, bridges, lagoons, as well as private viewing rooms. Learn exciting history behind these mostly temporary sculptures that dazzled before they disappeared.


Signposts on the Prairie

·       Part I: A Passport to Where Illinois Began

Take a virtual road trip -- to Little Egypt -- and learn why Southern Illinois is considered to be Where Illinois Began.  Along the way, we will encounter signposts that recall prehistoric Illinois; early French settlement in the American Bottom; a consequential Revolutionary War campaign; and more.  All this learning will be accented with recreational stops as well, including a virtual hike at a National Natural Landmark.


·       Part II: Traces Out of the Wilderness

Explore Northern Illinois, scouting out signposts that direct our attention back to significant turning points in Illinois history. Glean insight into how Northern Illinois attracted early settlers and how, consequently, the wilderness years were left behind.


·       Part III: Passage Across a Deep Divide

We return to a time of increasing lawlessness and violence, when the nation was half slave and half free. In the words of Lincoln, "the pillars of the temple of liberty...have crumbled away."  Through the prism of Central Illinois signposts, we glean how American traditions would be reborn. By the light of messengers in the night, the future was vast.


Prehistoric Illinois

Time-travel back -- just a moment in geologic time -- and encounter mastodons, mammoths and early Paleoindian hunters. Experience warming temperatures and an 'entirely new' environment following the retreat of the last glacier. Consider Illinois’ vast and ever changing past through the prism of prehistoric signposts.



Chicago Holiday Traditions Old and New

Virtually tour popular holiday attractions in Millennium Park and the Chicago Loop. Enjoy local history and art while reveling in this most wonderful time of the year!


Giants in the Park (a four-part series)

[Chicago Writers Association 2011Book ofthe Year; Illinois State Historical Society2014 and 2017 CertificatesofExcellence]

Explore Lincoln Park Chicagos largest park -- and encounter GIANTS. Learn important history memorialized by the parks enduring bronze statues: stories about the heroes, the artists, the benefactors, and the unveiling ceremonies.



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"The residents really enjoyed your talk – great buzz around the community today."
--  senior living community program coordinator


Lincoln Park Art and History Books,204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

Giants in the Park is a history guide for the monuments in Lincoln Park, Chicago's largest and, historically, most important park. Monumental art encountered with this walking tour guidebook include "Lincoln the Man," La Salle, Grant, Sheridan, Schiller, Goethe, Altgeld ... seventeen portrait statues in all. Missing monuments and salient park history are documented as well.

Giants in the Park ACTIVITY BOOK is designed to engage students with coloring pages, primary source material, text highlighting notable history, and multidisciplinary activities.

Excellent book, and if you get the chance, I recommend catching the slideshow presentation! 


Note Cards, 3.5 x 5", Box of 8 

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Book Illustrations

Assorted Images



Artwork on TV Show "Chicago Fire"


A limited number of prints.   9.5 x 11"

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Doggy Bandanas

Alexander Hamilton: My Dog Speaks More Eloquently than Thee

Abraham Lincoln: Dare to Do Our Duty

Ulysses S. Grant: Let Us Have Peace

Ben Franklin: Faithful Friends -- Old Wife, Old Dog, Ready Money

Dirty Diaper Detective


Lincoln Park