About Krista


Art historian and educator Krista August specializes in investigating and curating the history behind local landmarks. Krista’s lectures and tours are popular with private groups, libraries, historical societies and schools.


Her original project, Giants in the Park, was awarded 2011 Book of the Year in by the Chicago Writers Association and received 2014 and 2017 Certificates of Excellence from the Illinois State Historical Society. In recent years she has developed a series of slide presentations that celebrate remarkable Chicago and Illinois history.


Krista formerly worked in finance and as a teacher and holds mathematics and graduate education degrees from Northwestern and DePaul universities, respectively. She is a former guide for the Chicago Architecture Foundation and a member of the Chicago Tour Guide Professionals Association (CTPA).


Krista is also is an artist. Her fine art study includes coursework at the Palette and Chisel, the Old Town Triangle Association, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Richeson School of Art, and the Peninsula School of Art.

"The residents really enjoyed your talk – great buzz around the community today."
--  senior living community program coordinator

Excellent book, and if you get the chance, I recommend catching the slideshow presentation! 

Just a sample of a larger set of statue paintings, as note cards.

Krista's artwork on TV show "Chicago Fire"

"Jessica" - watercolor, sold


"Mimi and Papa Farm"

North Center, Chicago

Repair Shop Bike

"Parade of Pansies" -- oil, sold

"LA Rental Bike"



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